The idea of respecting and working with Mother’s Nature has led us to create Saison, a line of seasonal single origin coffees presented in limited edition. Industrialized agriculture has, for some, eclipsed the basic essence of Nature’s way. Fortunately, we have come to understand better the effects of working against Nature and today we find more and more farmers applying responsible practices as well as more consumers looking for sustainable products. As a food brand, we are committed to bring awareness around the importance of respecting Nature in food production.  Coffee, as any fruit, is harvested during a certain season in different parts of the world. For us, working with Nature means respecting the seasons and harvesting the most healthy fruits as they naturally ripe. With Saison we bring the pleasures of fresh seasonal ingredients to our customers.
Under Helena Arlaud's art direction Messier studio designed Saison's Logo and packaging to embrace Coperaco's mission of working with nature. For the packaging design  a color palette representing each season was selected. We collaborated with London based Artist and Illustrator Chris Arundel to create a unique pattern of coffee plants and a propeller plane, a brand icon that takes you abroad the brand's journey. On the back of the bag we incorporated the story of Saison in line with the new branding and brand colors we launched earlier this year. We are very excited to unveil the new brand from Coperaco, Saison by Coperaco.